Florida Golf 2015

Florida Golf 2015

Oct 10 - 17 2015


Saturday morning 3 AM, yes I said 3 AM, we get up to start our journey to Orlando.  Why so early, well there are no direct flights to Orlando and we have to make connections so the flight leaves at 6 AM meaning we have to be at the airport by 4.  We get to the airport at this 4 AM time to find out that our travel partners have had an issue, forgotten passport.  Its a long way home and back, I hope that they make it in time.  


Well it turns out they did not make it.  They will leave when we land in Orlando, so they get the fun of flying the red eye, and we will pick them up at 6 AM in Orlando.  That means we have just enough time to drop off the luggage, and head to the course.


Schedule is 

Sunday Oct 11 - Mystic Dunes

Monday Oct 12 - Royal St Cloud

Tuesday Oct 13 - Metro West

Wednesday Oct 14 - Stoneybrook West

Thursday Oct 15 - Ridgewood Lakes

Friday Oct 16 -  Southern Dunes

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