Construction & Buildings

From the time we arrived I was noticing the amount of construction and building states even from the plane on the decent I noticed it.   There seems to be construction everywhere, and the odd thing is a lot of the newly constructed buildings are empty.  The buildings are finished but empty.  The other thing I noticed is that the older buildings are built really close together and the exterior of the building is a total mess.  I take a guess that they must not have a strata that looks after the building in general and only take care of their own unit from the outside.  Another thing that I noticed was that there are bars on the windows of all the units not just the first two floors.  So even 9 or 10 floors above ground I can see bars on the window or balcony.  Now these bars are not thin bars but thick narrow spaced bars probably stainless steel.   The other thing about the buildings is the doors all have the same type of bars in front of the door, so a double door, one cage and one wood or metal door.  I have to guess from that practice that theft is a big concern with the people, but when looking around at the people I don't see much in the way of people that would commit crimes like that.


When you look at the older buildings the outside is really dirty and every balcony has clothing drying on them which looks really bad from the outside.  I know why Paris has mad a law not allowing laundry to be dried outside of the buildings.

The old buildings that are empty I assume are being emptied to be replaced by new bigger buildings.  Now the buildings are build in clusters of similar shaped and size large buildings.  The buildings are distinctive in color and also mostly have a design at the top of the building which in my opinion looks far better than the flat top buildings that we have here.


I can now understand that there are complete ghost cities built to house people in an area even before the people arrive.  This way the city or community is planned from the start and not grown organically.  Not a bad idea actually.


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