Today we take a rive cruise to Yangshuo there is a little story here isn't there always a story.  Duing our stay in Guilin we had a driver Colin or should I say Jaqui.  It seems the driver that we were supposed to get was Colin, but Colin could not make it so he sent his brother Jaqui.  The odd thing is we were calling him Colin the whole time and he never corrected us till the end, well they played different roles as one evening we got picked up by Jaqui (the real Colin).  Anyway the driver was good and showed us many places, I think the private tour we did to the rice terraces was kind of a sneaky thing in that we were supposed to purchase that tour from the hotel (so they would get their cut) the fact is that we were more than happy to have a private tour for the same price as a bus tour.  So Colin lets us know that the curise which we had not booked yet was better to catch at the pier and not take the bus tour, we agreed.  He said we should take a taxi and that he could not take us as that would mess things up with the hotel manager.  In the moring we are going to go and get a taxi, but before we go Jane was so nervous about being able to find a taxi that she called him and had him pick us up around the block so we could not be seen by the hotel manager. 

IMG 1706


Once at the terminal we get the delux boat to do the river tour, great choice as the other boats we seen were quite a bit less...... lets say we got a great boat.

IMG 1709


IMG 1752


It is a bit of a shame that the weather was cloudy, misty and raining as the views are supposed to be spectacular.  I took quite a number of pictures but they are all in the mist which is kind of cool but I would have more prefered a sunny day.  The image on the 20 note is of this river and the views from it.

China 20 Yuan


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At the end of the trip we had to wade our way through a sea of people getting off numerous boats and all making there way to the city through a packed walkway with vendors on each side, just crazy.  When we got to the end of the walkway we found people who want to take you places taxis etc. we negotiate with a lady and agree on 40 yuan for the ride to the hotel.  The we start walking to find this taxi and it is a long way in the pouring rain, so since we walked so far already and it seemed on the map that we were close to half way there we decide to renegotiate the price of the trip which did not go our way.  So now we walk in the rain with all our luggage to the hotel it is taking longer than we thought and still a long way to go.  Lets get a taxi and go from here, now hindsight says we should have just took the taxi in the first place, but this trip is about adventure and this little walk was just that an adventure and makes for a good story.  I seen a tee shirt while on the trip that says bad choices make the best stories, its not that great of story but I will certainly remember it.  Now cold and wet we are at the hotel and take a rest, a nap, and get warm.






IMG 1763







 We make the decision not to participate in the evening show and try for a walk to the west street to see what that is all about.  Part way through the walk it is raining even harder so we just go into a restaurant and have some dinner.


IMG 1767



Look at the picture above how they deal with the rain on scooters, they have a special made umbrella with a long back to help with the rain.

Food safety is of utmost priority and is displayed prominently in the shop.






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