Driving in China

Traffic in China 
When you first arrive as see the traffic all seems pretty normal they drive on the same side of the road they have lines on the road indicating lanes.  You soon realize that the lanes are really just a suggestion, and that wherever you can get buy is where you go.  It really seems like kaos must of the time but it works. 
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If you drive here you will need to have a good sense of where the sides of your car are as the will be bikes scooters and cars within inches of each side all the time.  It seems like one only needs to care about what is from the driver door forward what is behind you is someone else's problem. Always keep moving and things will work out.  Left turn don't wait for the oncoming traffic to clear just go slowly the oncoming traffic will go either side of you.  Waking across the street is the same just keep going slowly. I think the only reason that this works is because they serve slow, the shouted limit is only 40k most places i see on some hwy type roads that it goes up to 60k and im not sure but i think i may have seen 80 at one point.  The thing is that they stick to the limit all the time.  The horn is used often but not as an angry thing but as a means of communication.  Vantho states that he can't sit in the front seat as he would be ghost braking all the time. 
Let's say it would take quite a bit of time to learn to drive here. 
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