Travel Day

Travel to guangzhou
Well today is a travel day.  Skied Whistler for the day then traveled back to vancouver for some dinner and to the airport.   During the day i tried to do some pre booking of seats.  Actually i tried to do it 24 hours in advance but found nothing available, so during lunch i went on my phone to book seats i booked them but what a pain that site is to use when on a phone.   The adventure part of it comes when we get to the airport and find out i booked the seats for the return flight.  I guess my eyes are not really all that good when looking at the phone, but i give myself an excuse as i was under the impression that one could only book seats 24 hours in advance i guess that was not the case. 
The flight was long it never really gets easy sitting for 12 hours in an aluminium tube.  If did get some sleep so that was a good thing.   The sleep though was on vancouver time and we need China time. 
phoca thumb l IMG 1339 
Getting into the country was not an issue but the was a long line.   Did our second flight and got picked up at the airport it was quite a nice reunion for Jane and her cousins.  We had dim sum for lunch then a family visit to cemetery not so fun for us but it was really nice to see that Jane was able to connect with her grandmother. 
Back in the 11 person bus and off to the flat.   This ride took a while due to traffic not sure i would like to drive here but my guess it would become normal after a while.   Dropped some luggage there so we can travel lighter for the next 4 days then to our hotel and river cruise.  
phoca thumb l IMG 1354 
In the bottom of the hotel is a cell phone electronics market.   What would you like new screen new camera module well just about new anything.   The only thing that i wanted or needed was an OTG sd card reader so i could get pictures to my phone and post them up to this blog.  Oh did a tiny bit of negotiating and b ended up with one for $3.
We had two sim cards here waiting put one in my phone and it did not work at first.  Grrrr i reseated the card and it worked.   Got the vpn to work so now I'm happy.   Hold on a second nothing can be that easy well it isn't the card must have died now the phone says no sim card.   Well at least Jane's is working. 
 phoca thumb l IMG 1372
The river cruise was fun passed under many bridges all lit up in many colors.   I also noted that all the buildings have a distinctive top floor or floors that are lit up .  I quite liked it as it gives the city a nice feel.  I took a number of pictures trying to figure out how to get a good picture of a lit up building without over exposing the light and still have a sharp picture all while bobbing around on a boat.   So if some of the pictures are a little fuzzy i was going to say forgive me but wry they are my pictures. 
Let's try to get some sleep.   It's not working to well this post is being written at 5 in the morning because I can't sleep.  It does not help that the guys in the room next door keep on taking loud.  I felt like calling the front desk or banging on their door but I don't think that would help.   
Got to get up at 6 so I'll try to get an hour of sleep
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