Myeong-Dong In the Evening

 Myeong-Dong, Alain wanted to show us this place in the evening, as that is when it is alive. The area is like a street market for the younger fashion crowd. There are fairly high end clothing shops in the buildings on the side, and then a whole bunch of stands setup in the middle of the street. It is mostly a walking area, although cars can drive down the road, which is just full of people, I can not understand why anyone would want to drive, as you would have to go so slow and wait for all the people to part to let you through, and there is a regular street just one block away. Anyway there are street vendors selling all kinds of food and things, as stall just selling sandles (I can not understand how anyone can make a living selling this stuff). So we walked all of the streets looked at all the stalls, had some street food, looked at all the people, then we went for a late dinner with Alain at a place he really liked. We ordered a dish for three, and when it came, it was more like a dish for 5 It was a chicken dish with a soy base, a bunch of clear noodles, potatoes, carrots, onions etc. It was really good, but how can three people finish that, when we were finished, I took a picture of what was left, I was going to show the picture, and say that this was the dish, but I decided that I would show the picture, but let you know that this is what was left over. Crazy isn't it. Quite a nice evening overall. Tomorrow it should be a more relaxing day.

Myeong Dong
Myeong Dong
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