Chore of Packing

Help!  Is  anyone out there can help me with the most difficult task of packing very little for a long trip.  I am not good at deciding what I'd like to wear every time I'm away on vacation leave alone packing one month clothes on back packing.  My medication & toilettery are already fill up my bag!  what about my clothes & shoes?  After 5 no 6 times of  trying to reducing from nice to have if needed to a must have only it's sooo hard :-(  Here they are finally this is final decision...oh may be I still have a week to change things around.  A pile of tops, bottoms, bag of medication & couple pair of sandals.  Oh well the worst thing could happen is I might have to buy new clothes, wait aminute that's actually the best! :-)  I should leave my credit card behind otherwise I might need new suitcase to bring stuffs back.  I'm so excited!!!! this coming week at work might be the longest week ever.


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