The Crazy Packing thing continued

This packing thing is a little trying, as we are trying to get by with just carry on bagage.  We do not want to have to wait for baggage at airports etc.  Also, we will be moving from place to place every couple of days, so carying big bags on busses, trains, boats etc.  would not be that much fun.  So we got the small bags, Phaydy got hers in the states, it has rolling wheels, and a back pack style thing, mine is a little bit bigger, without wheels, but a better back pack strap, and a zip off day pack, so I guess you can not have it all.  If you see us in pictures wearing the same clothes all the time, you will know why, not so many clothes in the bag.  I also found out that clothes are only half the equation, all the other stuff takes up so much space as well, the sandles, the sun screen, the toothpast, the this the that, etc.  So now our bags are packed, we have a week to go, and then we are off, if we do not have what we need, then we will have to buy.


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