First day with Alain

Went to see where he live, as expected it's studio room that have bed, one table, fridge & one corner for his luggage I mean a place for his stuff. To my surprise he actually has washer but not dryer for his clothes. Kitchen is kind of not much but enough to do the very little cooking for himself because he likes eating out & is pretty cheap. We went to eat his favorites cold noodle soup for $4 a bowl-very filling & good. We decided to take subway to explore town, what an experience I never seen a subway system that is so big, complicated design that it's amazing for $1 a trip you can go wherever you want in just a short time. After walking around for 5 hrs from shopping to sight seeing I was so poop out. We decided to head back to recoup I had 3hrs nap & recharge for a night tour – street shopping there was crazy street where were so many people shoulder to shoulder on Mon night street shopping & eating! After 3hrs walking around I was hungry again, we went in for another dish of Alain's favorite it's chicken with noodle but it's so spicy hot because there is a handful of dry chillis. It's 12:30AM we were too tired to walk so we decided to call it a day. Phaydy with year of the pig


Phaydy with year of the pig

Alain year of OX

Alain year of OX

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